6. 10 .15

walked away and gave up . but giveing up on something or someone you care for is not so easy.
but now that i have gave myself time to move on i have a husdand and a family that loves me for me.
 just as i dreamed for.
so why do i still hate myself for all the worng in my past with my sons father?
is it beacuse hes the father to my child?
or is it beacuse i will always care for him ?
or is it beacuse i havent forgave him?
  i know he will be in my life due to us having a kid and i know i will always care for him due to the facts that i once loved him and onced wanted him to be my forever and .. my son

i cant believe i stayed know what my son was seeing and hearing
i shouldnt have left the 1st time he pushed me . i would have saved myself and my son from so much . i make myself sick think about .. but i dont think i will ever forgive him . why should i?
black eyes, makes on my body . being hit so hard in the side that i couldnt chatch my breath , ot having my face rubbed into trash..

it all started with a push.
a push that should have mad me leave
a push that started all of the stuff my son saw or hear he was jusr 2 or 3 but still.
i will forever tell my son i am son for make the bad choice to stay.

i will be 24 in a few.
sweet 24 .
i am a mother of two and a step mom
a wife

i for once can say i love my life even with my pass still on my shouders.

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Comments (3)

  1. honestycounts

    Good for you. If they hit you once. ,they’ll hit you again! Statistics show it

    June 23, 2015
    1. night_owl


      June 25, 2015
  2. matthewcook

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    July 31, 2017