6. 16 .15

yesturday i became 24, i feel the same as i did before 
my big day was good i guess just had to deall with windstream for two hrs and the me and am my love going in to it .. 
 i dont think i was welcome to have a good birthday after all

anyways i have a small problem  i have put my youngest in a few photo pagenats i loved showing her off  she got 3rd in one and made it to the last round in the 2nd one  i just want her to win one i wouldlove to tell her about them when she gets older i have been thinking about putting her in a real on but its $85 bucks ..
remeber whe my love and i got into a small fight on my birthday it was over money and bills.

i am not sure i should try puting her in a pagaent till she gets older and till we have got bills fixed....

 much better

fathers day is sunday , i use to get my dad a card each year. they year i found i was going to be a mom and i havent sent him a card . i love my dad but i dont look at him as if hes my dad hes not the guy i recall for my childhood . i got my huddy a card and some superheros canves that re the coves or comice books
he loved them and i got my son to give him a card that has step dad on it .  i cant wait till sunday i hope my baby boy will be home i miss hims to the moon and back !!!!   

anyways i will be back in a day or too

till then

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