egg shells

in one of my other post i talkedabout my motherlaw telling my husband i was to hard on the kids..


she will be coming in town for a the hoildays and most like with us on chirstmas moring.

i love my motherlaw dont get me worng i just have this feeing i will  me walking on egg shell whenever she around , and be uncumfy in my own home .. i want to talk to my husband about it but he seams to  get in that roll your eyes kinda mood whenever to hims it may be something he thinks i need to get over and let go .. but he did get told by my he was hard onthe kid s and i didnttell him she siad when he and i was fighting .. you tell someone that lives each day taking care of her kids at home each day 24/7  that shes too hard on her kids .. it hurts ..  alot and its something i cant just flush  away .. i stop talking about but its borthers me  and the fact she will he here for a few day and mostly here in my house the hold time . i will expect my kids to mind me  and do as the would do evenif shes not here, i just will not yell or spank them with her but  they will not over run my house !

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