Here is good-Bye to 2016

so many things hit me when i think about my life and the year i have had ..

good bad and the ugly,

here is a few things i dealt with....

- 1st year i havent moved.( going to have to move in 2017 though)

-had my tudes tied,no more making lifes  for nine months(witch i wish i never did)

- i became a mother to my 2nd son

-2 years that a man hasnt hit me 

- i have gave up on trying to be in my dads left or letting him in mine.

- started buying a car(the 1st i had a car note)

- didnt get durnk this year)

- my 9 month old  walks says "dada" "bye-bye"

-i have gotten closer wit my mother.

- i became a aunt , my borther has his 1st baby 4lband 8 oz .. i worry about her alot..

- didnt have my wedding i still dream of ( yes i know i am married)

- this may be the last year i get to a stay at home mom.

- i am still so deeply in love with my husband.( you can stopping someone i hope i never do)

- i have became a blogger..hint hint..

- i have became hinden blogger.

- with no readers....

- my "best friend" in ever see or talk to isnt around much.

tommorw i will post about what i hope 2017 holds for me




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    April 25, 2017