i am at lost for words

today my step child when back homeand when ever my husband took my steo child to mee his mother whom she lives with of 16hrs away  and my husbands mother told my husband i was to hard on the 4 kids we have but whenever he told me we were in a heat fight and he told me his mother will not let his child come live with us becuase i was too hard on her ..

i have 4 kids i am to help raise ages 7 yrs 6 yrs 2 yrs and a 8 month old ... 

1-i have to keep them in check or i would kill myself with stress .. 

2- i am only one person they are 4 little persons.

3- you try having all 4 or them together in a 3 bedroom single widetralier home  and see if you do do some yelling

4- yes when someone show up kids get happy andjump around , but when you hang out for 4 hrs my kids will not climb all over you and you boyfiriend and run my house .

5- if you dont like my way of making my kid be good  leave.

6- you are raising the 6 year  you give her tablet and let her sleep in the same bed with you she has a room of just toys.. i am sorry i can give her that .. hell i wishi could.

7- if i wasnt some what hard on my kids they would eat all the candy and run all over my house and i would have a nice home . i  put my foot down  i am not my kids friend i am the mother its my job to be hard on them !!!!!


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