its been a little bit..

jan 2017 was whenever i last posted so much has happen some smalll some big so put your selt belts on as i up date  it will take a sec...

Fed-i hit my two year mark of bigging married  i pland a trip tosix flags and the aquarium took the day just me and him.. better sweet..

March- my last baby boy truned one ... had a small party  it was perfect.

 we moved AGAIN .. small same nuber of room and bathrooms  saving 200 inthis place but i miss my home we are saving to buy  got tip let me know

my husband grandmother passed away out of the blue rip Ann   she wasnt even buried and hie "family " downs my husband and his brother ...

Apl-on the 8th my 2nd child turned 3 and a few days ago i sign her up for headstart i am scared  not only do i wish she would slow down but that means my one year will be 3 before i know and i will have more time to myself then with my kids i am not ready to miss them.. 

got to see my step daughter for the 1st this year  for one day ... it killed my husband  i dont understand why we cant have her now? i would hate to have to fight for for my husbands mom

this week-this week more like today late last night my mothers best friend went missing after telling her husban she want to be buried in green in a white casket .. as we posted all over facebook that she was missing and cop were look it was on the news  people on i-49 were driving over what was left of her .. she jumpped of the over pass .. then someone ran ot hit her or she walked out and someone hit her at some point  ...  i wish i could tell my mom it will be ok but its not  whomran her over is unknow and will forever be .....  rip Kim 




i have been thing about putting my face to my life but i dont kow if i am ready.. any thoughs?



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Comments (2)

  1. honestycounts

    Kim, I chose not too, but it’s a personal choice for sure. Personally I prefer the whole " anyounous thing

    April 13, 2017
    1. night_owl

      My name isn’t Kim. The lady that killed her selfs name is Kim. Rip Kim.

      April 13, 2017