last weeks meeting ..

so last week i had a child support meet where myself and my baby daddy to my oldest meet in the small room with a big desk and a woman i know nothing about but for her name.  this time wasnt as bad as others but he wasnt happen with the out come..

in the past we had meets to raise the amount my child get to help me care for him. $230 for about 2 years thats what i got.. will i had asked for 3 reviews as they call it ..

review one:(2015) $230  didnt change due to just starting his job. i personal just wanted to make him see that he needs to step up and see his child... he also had the ball to say things in fount of this nice lady that shouldnt be siad like.. when she asked if he only had one child  he pointed out that i "tried" to push a 2nd on on him .. and so on like that 

before i move on to the other 2 heres a few small Flashback............i though my he was the father to 2 of my childern ..i was worng .DNA test.....he never sees his child , last year he got him over night for just 5 diffenernt night and called him maybe 2 time and had the balls to clame him for the full year on his taxs. he says he works all the time..

now back to the review..

Review two:(2016.Dec) $230 rehad to rescualed this due to him having to add the child to his insuances  and need the paper work.

* note each time before a meet we sit in a wating room and he trys to my best friend and tell abou tall his personal stuff like how hid GF got up and left him afteer just moving in together blah blah*

Review three:(2017.Jan)

Review three: i stood  my groww i a sick of my son going without a father and things he need i can contorll so much and i cant make him be a father but i can make him help he didnt say hurtful stiff but he did cry about me flushing his life away ,  he make about 4000 a month .. i get $650 of that and hes pissed off  why? he dont spend that on the son we have or dose he see him .. but last night he posted pictuers on Facebook..good old facebook.. he went out to a small sports Bar .

one he says he works all the time,

two he says he dont have money 


am i worng?

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Comments (7)

  1. wonderwall79

    No your not wrong, I think we’ll not all guys but most don’t really want to put their hand up and be accountable for their own actions.
    Your in the right in my books but I also had an old man who never gave a dam except for himself
    Sometimes in life we have to be a man, and sometimes some just can’t rise to the Occassion

    January 24, 2017
  2. jadeangel

    No you are being a mother I’m not a mother but I hope that one day if I am I will be like you fear less way 2 go momma👸

    March 05, 2017
    1. night_owl

      being a mother you kinda have to be fear less and not let someone walk all over being the kids or a friend or family memeber

      March 07, 2017
  3. bluevader

    It is not wrong to ask for a father to help raise his children. I see two main threads to this: 1. Financial support is important – raising a family costs money, and financial support should be there no matter whether the father lives with you or not. And – I’ll go further: that financial support is necessary even if you were a millionaire! It is part of the responsibility of being a father. I am a father of four children and I was divorced around ten years ago, and I pay everything I can. I have said to the mother that the money I give can go on whatever she wants it to – even if she spends it on herself it is still benefitting the children because mum’s wellbeing is important for the children’ wellbeing! 2. Parental support: being a mum is hard work, and even “supermum” needs time off to recharge her batteries! Again, I do everything I can with the children, they spend as much time as they want with me, whenever they want to. Sometimes I stay at their mum’s house with them so that mum can go out for the evening. All these little things make a real difference – I may not be a perfect Dad, but I know my children will grow up remembering a father who loved them and had time for them – and that is so important.

    April 11, 2017
    1. night_owl

      heck yes you are right and i am glad you are there and do them thing it will teach them kiddos to do the same later .. superdad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      April 13, 2017
      1. bluevader

        April 13, 2017
  4. overegic1953

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    May 18, 2017