Adult My Motherhood is my Life .

whenever i found out how baby where made and born  i told myself way before i ever had sex that if i was to end up at a teen mother i wouldnt giveup onmyself nor my child that didnt ask for the life it would have ...


i was 17 i stole a pee test and i rember takeing it at my grandmothers and hiding in my room for days . i recall the the call i made to the "father" to be he told they get to the Doc to make sure  i lie to my grandmother to get to the "lady doc" and i ask for my grandmother to waitin the waiting room.. i told the Doc eveything ... peed in the cup.. and waited in thebiggest room of my life ..alone...asking my self what will i do ... it seam to be Hrs before they cameback when it was just a few mins.." your Pregant" my jaw dropped and so did the tears.   doc called my grandamother in , and told her herjaw dropped but she pull out a paper and pen andasked what all i need to bedoing for my body to keep the baby healty, i kenw i wasnt alone she was there for me ..

i called the father to beand told hime andhedidnt think twice...that big old "A" word. but all i could think was why did i get the joysof the choice? why me ? then i though about my life before that day ... the toughs of ending my lifeand how i was needed... but that day i was needed by MY child . My Baby.  My Son.

My Son Saved my life.

I am a Mother if 6 Babies and a step child..only 3 made it the other 3 Pasted before i knew thier sex. 

whenever i 1st told family and friends i was having a baby at 17 they told all told me things ,all bad things what can happend to me and or the baby, thay would be there to help me .blah blah .. yes i was 17  and still had the world at my hands but i also had a child at my hands. i was 6 weeks along with my son whenever my dad and stepmother set a date for me to be moved out. my dad signme out if high school. i will never understand why walking out of my life was what was best . i wouldnt NEVER walk out of my childerns life NO matter how hard things will be.  


I be came a Mother at 17 years old. i got to meet My 1st Son at 18 years old. watching him grown into the person he is and seeing that big smile and getting to look into his big brown eyes each. Make become a mother at 17 is when i felt my place in this world .when someone loved me back  andneed and wanted  around.. 

He calls me MOM  

not only him his 2 sisters and Little Brother  Call me MOM



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Comments (2)

  1. sailorluna_777

    beautiful, i too became a mother as a teen. And i am thankful, because even though my childhood ended and motherhood began, and i know if i did not have a child too young, my life and career would be in a different place maybe very successful and graduating college, BUT I am ok that did not happen, because having my child well now i am mother of 2, it changed me inside out, it changed my heart it made me into the beautiful person i can be today, because with out that i would have not been this person. They completely did something that material things could never do, and i think thanks to that now i can focus on them and continue on my life as a mother, and work on my education and career. But now i am 10x a better person, wiser, smarter, mature. With two beautiful children to share my accomplishments with, and my success, that they may only benefit from it ad have a beautiful life I love your post Keep on sharing the joy and beauty of motherhood.

    January 16, 2017
    1. night_owl

      this made me smile i plan on sharing more feel free to read and comment on anything ..good bad and the ugly and Share

      motherhood and the love of a mother for a child is something we feel only its a gift! my life is much better and i did with out help and i can look at them think i did that i made this beautiful sole and i get to help it grow.

      January 17, 2017