my oldest Baby Boy.

i am a mother to a very smart handsome litte boy . he has been 7 for a week now  not only is the new to me and him .. 7 wow where has the time gone... but starting this weekend his dad how lives about an hr form us is planing on getting him each weekend for one night... 

this year so far he has seen him 5 time  3 of them times he stayed with his dad the other 2 was at toother family things... 

i am happy that my sons father is stepping up to be more in his life but why did it take this long? 

i am sad that this is me risking my my son to be hurt very bad if his dad dips out again.

i dont want to share. i have raisedd him this long  why should i have to let him in..

i know this is whats best for my son is to let him have his father  but i will NOT let him get hurt and when he gets to a age where he can make the choice to keep his dad or set him free i will let him , i will never push my son into seeing his dad or into anyhting that he can live without and have a better life without. 

one day at time ... 

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