Adult the C word

Cancer .

Motherfucking Cancer 

i wish it would leave my family alone 

my grandmother had skin cancer but got it removed 

my grandfather lost his life to the fight of lung cancer

and now  my grandmother is about to go to war with sage 3 in 3 places .

what do i do ? how can i help? howdo i watch someone fight for their life again ..

pray? pray to the god that put it in her body? thats a bit hypocritical dont you think?

i watched my grandfather the one man that was always in my life as a child slowly die.

i have never been the same person .... march 13 2008  a part of me went to heaven .

my grandmother the woman i would lay in bed next eatting frashed back cookie and on new years i

would lay with her and watch the ball drop. she gives me the most random things. 

I fucking hate cancer!!!!





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Comments (4)

  1. magnocrat

    An excellent reaction to a terrible blight. You cannot catch it but it can catch you.
    Medics today have conquered most diseases but this one comes from the body itself going wrong.
    It is a grim experience to watch a close one fighting death but its good for us and prepares us to maybe face up to such an experience.

    May 05, 2017
  2. lostbroken25

    I understand Night. My dad is in stage 4 advanced. They don’t think he will make it a year, even with chemo. Right now he is back in the hospital with pancreatitis…Cancer bites.

    May 07, 2017
  3. lostbroken25

    I understand…I just lost my dad Saturday to stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

    May 24, 2017
    1. lostbroken25

      Weird, i don’t remember writing the one above this….

      May 24, 2017