this weekend

my 9 month old has been sick for 3 days now , i hated it i hated that i could only do so much and i hated that my lazy husband never helped with my other house hold duitys ... i had to take my son to there i ask him to put up leftovers and handled bed time for the other two kids .. i get back at 8 i was gone for and hr or so.... he dose have a full time job and i dont normally ask for this from him the fact that is was a Saturday night and he was off the next day and i just need his help .. any ways i came home to him asleep on the couch all the light son dinner still where i left it and one of my children in the kitchen .. i know i should make a big deal witch i didnt to him .. i woke him up told him i was hold and to go to bed,, he kisses me and goes to bed and them i do what i have to do .. this stuff isnt a big deal its more of a worry for if and when i get a job next year .. i dont know if i can going to a job for 8 hrs and come home to 3 kid maybe 2 of the 4 having homework needing help, cooking dinner then clean a litte and clean and feed myself then bed time then clean or get stuff ready for the need day.. hopefully my husband will help me out more then so we can have time together too .. the though of staying home with my last child for till hes 3 or getting a job ..

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  1. pets

    Good luck with your husband and I hope your kid gets better

    December 12, 2016
  2. boashe61

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    June 10, 2017