i have a few things i need to vent about..

part one

my step child live in a diffent state with her"gig" and her mother loive in the same town. will he mother has a past of durgs and few other thinks that a mother wouldnt want there kids around. "gigi" my huddy mother think my step kid should live here with us and not with her mother  and has talked to a layer and and stuff but has done nothing but has been letting my step kid go to her mothers after saying she could stay over night with her mother but has been , and "gigi' is put her in school after ask me to find school her for her. i am sick of this i wish i had the money to get a layer for my huddy and i.

part two

my huddy has been going to work at 5am and coming home at 2pm  mon-sat .. and this is just been going for the passt week he normaly work 8am to5pm mon-fri sometime sat so her wroks the same  but hes over tired now and i miss him like right now hes in bed but it is 12 at night so i understand  but he passes out in the living at 3  when he gets home.. my point is i miss my own huddy !!! how can this be!! ahhhhh!!!


part three

i get food stamps for my family will i get my money for food on the 5th will i just found out tonigh after checkin the mail that we no longer get food stamps . idk how.. i dont work i have two kids and one on the way rent is 535  power is 150  phone 120 and car care 150-200 right now and my huddys checks ar 350-400 after tax how do i feed my family???????? state of Ark is shitty!!!

i plan on calling tommorw



thanks for reading my ventting lol

other then this stuff ita all good in my neck of the woods


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